We Stick to Concrete … So You Can Stick to Us.

AC•TECH focuses on a very narrow (but tricky!) part of the building construction process.

We make concrete slabs ready to receive adhesives, protective coatings, roofing assemblies and cementitous toppings when there is a problem with product tolerances to alkalinity, elevated moisture vapor levels, soaked-in oil and chemical residues, or threats of pin holing.

We’re that FIRST Product Layer in a performance specification for a roof, floor, or protective coating system that meets ASTM and ACI Standards.

That’s it. That’s what we do.

We have stubbornly (and honestly) resisted the temptation to expand our catalog to include products for which there are already excellent solutions in the marketplace, or products that lay outside of our deep area of expertise.

We just focus on priming the slab to meet ASTM and ACI standards. Others can (and will) take it from there and make you a beautiful, sustainable, high performing floor, roof or deck -- just as you originally designed and envisioned.

The only way you’ll know AC•TECH products have been used is when you notice your floor, protective deck coating, or roof is looking better and lasting longer than it has before.

[ Or, maybe you’re noticing – 18 to 24 months after project completion -- that an ASTM F3010-13 compliant primer was not applied. Oooops ! ] 

We Take the Owner’s Perspective in Everything We Do.

That’s why we are sticklers for following ASTM and ACI Standards and Best Practices and why we encourage all our partners and counterparts to do likewise.

Industry standards are there for a reason. We all need our special part of the construction process to succeed. But that success depends on everyone and everything that came before our own step in the process.

Standards, consistency and quality control all lead to long-term performance. And long-term performance is what it’s all about for the building owner.


Attitude | Competence | Experience – Call Us Old-Fashioned.

We DON’T believe that good guys finish last. Do you?

That’s why we still start-off each day asking ourselves the following questions.

Does our material remain Best in Class? Can we take it a step further? 

Is our material performing as advertised? Is our warranty comprehensive, straight-forward and clear? Does our material keep the work site as safe as possible for the contractors and building occupants?

Are we fully supporting the craftsmen using our material so they can consistently deliver success? Can we make things simpler? Can we be more responsive? Are there any new QA / QC techniques we can introduce?

Are we improving building life-cycle / environmental sustainability by extending building product longevity and reducing failures? What more can we do to keep failures and waste out of the landfill?

Are there any innovations we can bring to the market to improve ROI for our clients? Why should they use us over our competitors?

Reputation is Built on Performance.  If you succeed, AC•Tech succeeds.

AC•Tech products and solutions are backed by a 15 year labor and material warranty. We can stand behind that warranty because 1) we have products that truly perform, 2) we provide technical support during all phases of a project’s execution, and 3) we work exclusively through a network of Technical Sales Representatives and Recommended Applicators who have earned AC•Tech “approval” by completing our comprehensive training program.

We do not cut corners. We do not leave our customers hanging. We believe in building long-term business relationships where everyone succeeds. Reputation is Based on Performance. Yours and Ours.

AC•Tech, Allied Construction Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Norfolk Virginia. We actively collaborate with AB-Polymerchemie (Germany) and Chowgule Construction Technologies (India) to develop, manufacture and support specialty coatings for construction, industrial, commercial, residential, and infrastructure markets in the US and around the world.

16-Year Product Performance History in US. ASTM F3010-13 Compliant. 15-Year Performance Warranty against alkalinity and moisture.

RISK Avoidance TIP #1:

ASTM and ACI help develop and publish consensus standards for materials, products, systems and services used in the construction industry. Adherence to ASTM and ACI Standards is voluntary. However, building owners, contract litigators, and government regulators often give ASTM and ACI standards the force of law by citing them in contracts, regulations and building codes. Following ASTM and ACI Standards, whenever possible, is a prudent risk management tool.   


RISK Avoidance TIP #2:

Performance Specifications for commercial flooring, protective deck coatings, and roof assemblies should reference ASTM F3010-13 when moisture vapor or alkalinity in the concrete substrate is determined to exceed product tolerances. This helps everybody insure that the proper above-slab barrier products are selected, bid and installed and that the final project delivers long-term performance. 


RISK Avoidance TIP #3:

Check Your Product Data Sheets for alkalinity/pH tolerances. Concrete alkalinity ranges from pH 11.5 to 13.5. Most adhesives list pH 8 to 9 as their upper limit. Most epoxy-based protective coatings list an upper tolerance of pH 11 to 12. An independently tested ASTM F3010-13 compliant above-slab liquid-applied membrane-forming resin barrier should take moisture and alkalinity totally out of your risk equation. 



Performance is all about Technical SUPPORT.

So, don't order our products ... ... until you first talk to our Tech Team.

We'll assist you in project assessment and forensic analysis way before we ever talk purchase orders and such.

It will also give you a chance to test our attitude, our competence, and our experience.

Check Us Out. Are we just fluff ?